The Best of Anime Video Games You Will Love to Play

The Best of Anime Video Games You Will Love to Play

The technology isn’t just finding new ways to do things easily but also provides innovative ways for that. People have always been excited about the computers and video games and the new upgrades always bring the best of the game play and graphics with the game. Beginning with the gaming consoles the industry of video games has evolved a long way; all of our favorite characters are now part of some of the other games that are available for us to play.

Character-based gaming-The old and the new trend

Having our best and favorite characters portrayed as gaming characters have always attracted the gamers and the gaming industry. And this has been the trend for quite a long time, several movies and comics have inspired many successful gaming launches. Especially the hands sketched and animated over computer characters anime have a quite wide fan base.

The best of anime games available for PC

The gaming industry has got the best of these characters and themes including Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. Following are the best of the anime PC games:

Archeage: The game is one of the best games that involve adventure and strategy. Build castles, acquire lands, create big nations, and also you have to protect them at the time of war. The game offers more in terms of activities like traveling the sea.

The Best of Anime Video Games You Will Love to Play

Blade and Soul: It is a game that explores the fantasy world. You can choose the races based on Chinese symbols, also there are classes to pick and customization tools to help you with detailed characters. The game focuses more on the art moves, you can perform various actions like gliding, dashing and jumping.

Maplestory 2: There is so much to explore in this game that you will be busy in the game. The game highlights building and designing the home, with the customization of characters. Also, there are several public events, dungeons, and mini-games that help you have the maximum fun with the game.

Phoenix Wright: The game presents court shows and gets as a fighting game where your opponents can be silenced with your arguments. The trilogy is definitely the best of the games presented in the genre.

The technology of the games keeps on revising with the newer upgrades and better game play options. However, this is not the end to the list the games are endless on this genre. If you are a video game lover these games will definitely satisfy you.