Vape Pod Kits have increased in popularity since entering the marketplace a few years ago, they have taken over from the customary vape starter kit, as the go-to device for first-time switchers; in addition to skilled vapers in search of a simple kit, they could use on the go.

A pod vape kit contains a rechargeable battery mod, plus a removable pod which contains a coil plus e-liquid. To aid you to find the best pod kit, we will not only be running over our top vape pod kits of 2020, but we will also be individually ranking their greatest qualities – to help you find the kit that is ideal for your vaping style.

Diverse pod kits will support different vapers requirements, so while some might consider a ‘small battery’ a con, they might be looking for a compacted back-up vape device plus battery life might not be as significant a factor. We have listed below pod kits that are suggested for first-time vapers, in addition to kits that will suit the more advanced user.


The Uwell Caliburn unites a simple operation with the choice of using your favorite e-liquid. Whether you are new to vaping otherwise are looking for a trustworthy device you can use every day, then the Caliburn suits your requirements.

best vape kit

The single button on the 520mAh device could be used to lock it, making it safe to travel with. While unlocked it can be triggered by either inhaling on the mouthpiece otherwise pressing the button, whichever suits your style.

Aspire Gusto

Since its opening in 2017, the Aspire Gusto Mini pod kit has remained trendy thanks to its mixture of a simple design plus the sheer amount of flavor options accessible. It is powered by a 900mAh battery and uses prefilled e-liquid pods, with over 20 bespoke flavors available.

The Gusto features a single button process and needs no technical knowledge to use properly – making it perfect for first-time switchers.


The QYS hit the market as an unknown entity, but in all sincerity, it’s one of the most inventive and quality devices we have seen in a long, long time. Powered by an integrated 950mAh battery, capable of pass-through charging, what makes the QYS stand out is the detail that users could switch their inhale preferences by just rotating which means the pod is inserted.