How to use the Melanotan 2 correctly?

You could not find a better way to tan your body than using the Melanotan 2 injection. The most popular traditional method to tan the body is sun exposure. But you may all know that a lot of exposure can cause Sunburn and even sometimes lead to skin cancer. This is why many choose to buy melanotan that is completely safe to use. By using the melanotan 2 injections you could easily avoid serious skin issues. Because taking a few hours sunbath is enough to tan your skin.

Melanotan 2 is the best product to get tan naturally at home. However, you should consider using this product carefully. If you do not follow the right procedure, then it would cause side effects. When it comes to taking doses, you should consider your skin types. It is very crucial because choosing the wrong dose will not help you to get the desired tan. Here are a few things that you should understand about choosing the right doses for you.

The starting dose:

Melanotan 2 is a reliable product that you can consider using for tanning. But choosing the right starting dose is essential. If you take a higher amount of doses, then it would cause serious side effects. The starting dose for beginners is 0.3mg. This is the best way to start using the melanotan 2 injection.

Later, you can upscale the dosage depending on the reactions that you get while using it. The best time to use the product is before you go to bed at night. If you find everything is good and see positive changes in the body, then you can increase the dosage amount.

The loading dose:

Next, you need to consider the loading dose. It is the perfect option for you to tan your skin so quickly. When it comes to loading dose, the recommended dosage is 0.5 mg. With this dosage amount, you can achieve the desired tan. But it is essential to take the dosage amount daily.

The above dosage levels are usually recommended and it works normally for all. But it can vary depending upon the skin type and body weight. So, first, consider this dosage amount and you can change the levels according to your needs. It is also advised to consider your health condition before using the product.

Hence, buy melanotanand follow the right instructions to achieve the perfect tan.