Diamond bangles

What are the characteristics of a real diamond?

Not every diamond is real. It has several qualities.  Sometimes jewellers make out fool by giving you a fake diamond. M&B Private Jewelers are a name of trust for their customers. You can buy any diamond jewellery piece online from earrings to diamond bangles. To avoid the hassle you should know the characteristics of a real diamond. This will help you in identifying a real diamond. Diamond has four basic characteristics that influence the cost of it.

Diamond bangles

  1. Carat: The weight of the diamond is identified by carat. The value of one carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram. It is the first factor on which the cost of the diamond depends. One carat diamond is liked by the people because it is best for all kind of jewellery piece. One carat means a hundred points and if its weight is .98 carats it means the value of a diamond decreases. . The value of a one-carat diamond is much expensive because it demands between the people is high.
  2. Colour: Generally people thought that diamond is only colourless. Fluorescent is related to the colour factor in a diamond so that its colour maybe describe as middle, blue, strong blue, yellow etc. The value of the colourless diamond is high because it has much demand between the people. Colourless diamond’s value is high due to a rare found.
  3. Clarity: Under lots of heat and pressure the diamond originates under the earth. Each diamond has a birthmark termed as inclusions. When an impurity found inside the diamond it is included and if it is found at the outer surface termed as blemishes. With the clarity characteristic, the imperfection of diamond is found that affect its cost.
  4. Cut: It is an important characteristic of a diamond that defines its value. It governs the light reflection enters into a diamond. A perfect diamond has a quality to reflect light to its optimum.
  5. Hardness: Diamonds are very hard and it has a quality to stop heavy impact without breaking into pieces.
  6. Can scratch: A characteristic of a real diamond is that it can scratch a glass surface without damaging it.
  7. Not transparent: You cannot see the things placed on the opposite side of a diamond. This is the identification of a real diamond.
  8. Bad heat conductor: A real diamond is a bad conductor of heat so it does not burn.

Conclusion: Diamond is a rare gemstone which is generally used in variant kind of jewellery. Before going for buying a real diamond you should know its characteristics so that you can’t get into a fake stone. Hence, before buying check their features well.